Indian American Business Association

Orlando, Florida , United States

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We are a comprehensive financial planning company with experience of over 160 years. It is our mission to learn more about your future and map out a personal plan/business plan for you that will ultimately get you where you want to be. We work in conjunction with your attorneys and CPAs to provide you with financial security that you hope for. We typically help our clients in 3 areas:

1) BULLET PROOF VEST: We want to make you as bullet proof as possible, if you ever get sued, we want to be able to separate you from your business and vice versa. 

2) Mitigating taxes: By working with your CPA, we come up with creative strategies to decrease your taxes. 

3) Leverage: We teach our clients unique strategies to multiply their dollars without taking any absorbent amount of risk.


Join us and you will have an entire team working for you as we become your Chief Financial Officers.  Give us a call at (407)800-5919 to schedule a brief phone call!